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At Ideas & Influence we focus on helping our clients be “First in and Best Dressed” or simply “Achieve More”.   In any Marketing Department there are always the “projects you start with”, the “projects you end up with”, and the “projects you never get to”.

It can be hard to find outside help that knows the building industry well enough to hit the ground running.   This is where we come in.  We are a group of independent senior level marketers, designers and developers that have the right experience to unburden the marketing team at a higher level enabling them to focus on core goals and deliver quality results faster.

We immerse ourselves in your business, working directly with internal departments as needed to function as your right hand and a valued team member, and together aligning with your approvals and processes.

We are committed to being Your Invested Marketing Partner.

Global Marketing Versatility

Over fourteen years of Global Marketing success mastering unique industry challenges and bringing best practices together to drive growth in variety of industries.

Commercial Building Products


Driven countless successful marketing initiatives across North America from concept to completion – both as an independent marketing consultant and a leader in strategic marketing on the commercial manufacturing side.  Results: 15-20% growth YOY.



Developed customer engagement tools that served over 600K water, gas & electric customers and consumer strategies to successfully acquire potential new gas customers across the United States.




Managed Commercial Wiper Brands New Product Development Pipeline for 11 Australasian Countries.



Managed Branding for Eye and Skincare lines developing engaging POS items for retail, online and advertorial print media.

Technology | Office Supplies


Reviewed Product Lines, Developed new go-to-market Strategies, Delivered Buyer Presentations, Transformed Product Offerings and Negotiated buy in to Big Box Retail leading to 12% growth in one year, and in a new geographic market.

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